Roses mean memories

Today I will try something different,to write in English.I write because i wanna show you a lovely shop named is a wonderfull shop from France and guss what they sell;you have right roses and no only that kind of flowers.This shop is very special for me because they are used for Pari's gardens and royal gardens from Monaco.So if you will buy flowers from them you will know for sure you will have a magic garden,this is a good way to dream at love storie and prince charming.

I like this shop because you can diversity and the climbing roses catch me.The Mon Jardin et Ma Maison roses are so beautiful and romantic,they fit for those incurable dreamers.These roses are bigger,white ad in midle they are bej.In my opinion,these roses are perfect to climbing the yard.Try to imaginate and you will see why i said are perfect for dreamers,you will have like a magic yard and you will give a magic felling for those we will see.The most interesting thing is the name,they have this name from the faimos garden magazine,it is a homage bring to that inspired magazine.
Mon Jardin et Ma Maison roses


If you want a rose into a vase i reccomand the next roses.He catch me with his strange colors.The name of this rose came from the famos love singer,Julio Iglesias.I reccomand this rose to grow into a vase because he remind me that old storie "The Beauty and The Best".He remind me to that sotrie because of the colors,this rose is beautiful and the same time with those red stripes inspire me to think it is very resistence.
Julio Iglesias:Large Flower Rose:Meilland:France  

   If you want to make an unforgotten gift and you know that person apreciate trees and roses in the same time,why you do not give a rose tree?It is a unique gift and can resist a very long period.If i have a garden this was the best gift ever.Why?Let me tell you something,try to imagine you have a bad period and you can not see a solution,but suddenly you see one of this tree in that moment trust me you will see a hope,it is like this tree,he always will find a way to survive even the weather does not want this.:) I love all the trees but in my mind remaind this:Schuss: Weapping Rose.When i saw this tree my first though was about my weeding day,to see myself  near this blossom tree who symbolis my happines and love.It is like a catch that moment into a tree,that tree can lives forever like my memories.
Schuss: Weapping Rose

 Here on this site you can find roses for the jam and oil or for decoration but i reccomand especially for women.Does not  matter if you are not passionate about garden but if you will have one of it you will become one because everyone wants to have alive everything who makes them happy or hopefull.


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